Moving Day.  This WOD could be done by anyone, anywhere.  Sans equipment, no experience required.  And it was a great workout.

We played in teams because it was more fun that way.  I loved the clever solutions each team came up with in order to get heavy equipment up and down Dunbar Street in the Vancouver heat.  We have so many creative, innovative and wily individuals here at CrossFit Empower.

I love the technical components of CrossFit but I also admire the raw functional strength and fitness this WOD requires.  This is as real world as it gets.  Pick up a load. Move it. Repeat.  No points for style.  Technique won’t get you too far just brawn or brains.  And our CrossFitters demonstrated hearty helpings of both!

Thanks for the entertaining day.  Hope that you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Rip Says: