Tabata Squats and Handstand Holds, that’s what was up at CrossFit Empower in Dunbar Street on Sunday.  The handstand hold is a great way to develop core and shoulder girdle strength and stability.  How many other times do you support your whole body weight overhead?  It is a great practice and something we should do more of!
CrossFit Empower 2
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (2) CrossFit Empower Vancouver
Later in the morning the Barbell Club gathered to do a Floor Press Pyramid.  PomPom put up a personal best!  But that wasn’t all, we also did max rep ring push ups and a finisher of max rep Dumbbell Floor Press both of which Springs dominated.  It was a good lifting session!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (1)
Live in west side Vancouver?  Want to get strong?
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