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A blood clot in the leg.

After our Christmas Eve party, my brother left our place and returned home with a pain in his leg.  4am Sunday morning he was admitted to hospital.

Our grandfather suffered a massive stroke at age 65.  A blood clot reached his brain leaving half his body paralyzed.  He spent the next 15 years in a nursing home unable to walk, speak or care for himself.  He suffered a long time wishing for death.

In 2004 my father suffered an apparent heart attack.  A blood clot reaching the heart.  He survived that and lived another 6 years before his diabetes caught up to him.  He was 66.

Today my brother turns 39.  He’s been released from hospital.  But what actions will he take next?

No one fully values their health until it is gone.  We take it for granted until suddenly we do not have it anymore.  We make everything else a priority neglecting our bodies.  But it is our health that allows us to work, earn, love and live.  Without health none of those things can be fully enjoyed.  No amount of money can buy back your health once it is gone.

Take the time to stay healthy or make the time to suffer ill-health.  You choose.

Health is your only wealth.
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