“We can neither confirm nor deny that we’re prepared to announce that we haven’t stopped considering that all options are still on the table.”  – No great leader ever

Leadership is challenging in the best of times.  How much more so in days like these!  Being a leader means making decisions.  Sometimes tough decisions.  Sometimes unpopular decisions.  Knowing that sometimes you may make the wrong decision.  And sometimes you’ll face the humiliation of having to retract and reverse a decision when you’re forced to admit it was in error.  Very publicly.  Right or wrong you will be scrutinized and critiqued.  And that’s why I am so grateful for our great community and each and every one of you who reached out to show your support when we made the very difficult decision to close.

Times are going to get tough and I sincerely hope that our community will continue to band together to support each other when the storm hits.  People are going to get sick.  And worse.  People we love.  Trapped in our own homes we’ll each be navigating these stormy seas in apparent isolation.  It will be easy to feel cut off from our community.  Let’s make the effort to reach out electronically or by phone to one another to lend support in the coming weeks as we each battle with whatever hardships are thrown our way.  And don’t hesitate to reach out for help when your spirit is flagging and you need moral support.  If not from your classmates, then from your coaches.  We are and will continue to be here for you even as the storm rocks our own boats.  Facebook, Instagram, this blog, phone, text or email, we’re always within reach when you need us!

We’re not waiting for our leaders to do the right thing.  MadLab, CrossFit 604, Modo Yoga, Lululemon and Empower have closed their doors along with other socially conscious Vancouver businesses because we realized that if we wait for our government to act, it will be too late.  It’s not business as usual but that doesn’t mean everything need come grinding to a halt.  This morning Dauntless and Shades joined HeeHee and I for a 6am WOD at Hastings Mill Park.  It was a chilly start but things heated up quickly!  The Touch will host the WOD there again this evening at 5pm.

Register by 7pm tonight and I’ll email you directions and instructions for tomorrow’s Outside-the-Box WOD.  And because space isn’t an issue and we’re not doing technical CrossFit, bring your family along for fun.  Why not?  Guests don’t need to register as long as you’re communicating directions to them.  And if they’re your guest, consider them already paid for!

And hey, chin up, there may be no parade, green beer or Shamrock Shakes, but it is St. Patrick’s Day and as Badger will tell you, we’re all Irish on St. Patrick’s Day!  Here’s a little St. Patty’s Day dance for you.