It will be time for a heavy Fran on Wednesday. You will perform the twenty one, fifteen, and nine just like regular Fran but will be using a heavier barbell and performing chest to bar pull ups. I have to say this version is a little friendlier than friendly Fran (not Much But a little bit).

If you do not have a ninety five or one thirty five pound thruster or a chest to bar pull up, don’t fear, we will make sure you get a good challenge and work on these skills. Our goal for you is to get you under fifteen minutes with whatever progressions you choose.  For those who have not done normal Fran, tomorrow may be a good opportunity to meet her.  Remember to come in challenged for this one and we will make sure you get on the other side.

Thought of the day

I had two wins on today’s workout. Number one was having my daughter do it with me and number two was using the butterfly kip for the entire workout. Training together with someone will show you a side of them that words never can. Most of my training is done alone or in an open gym so being able to do workouts  with her, for the last few weeks, has been really special to me and I hope dragging her to the gym has done something for her too. Who is someone in your life you would love to do a workout with? As class sizes and in gym opportunities increase there may be more opportunities to have this happen with your loved ones.

The second win was just a little challenge I set for myself, it may have slowed me down in the moment but I am happy to take one step back for two forward.  What is the best way to set yourself up for success and create a win on tomorrows heavy Fran? You know you are going to do, you have trained and prepared for it and now it’s time to show your hard work and get after it.  We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes and open gyms.


QOD: Prank gone wrong?

Warm up

2 rnds (1 Min Each)

Side Plank (L,R)

Back Samson lunges

Hollow Hold

Pvc  OHS


5 Lat pull ups ¼ pull or bent over row

3 front squat to shoulder press

5 Beat swing or Bent over row

3 thrusters







Thrusters 95/135#


Cool down

Belly Breathing

Pull over

Egg rolls

Hip crossovers

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