Sunday’s WOD

Helen is a benchmark workout that is an all-out sprint. The volume on this workout is relatively low, so the movements “should be unbroken”, if possible, or break up the kettlebells swings and pull-ups in no more than 2 sets. For beginners, scale as needed to achieve a fast pace throughout the workout.

3 rounds for time:

400-meter run

21 kettlebell swings, American style

12 pull-ups

Rx: 16-kg KB/24-kg KB


3 rounds of:

1-minute skipping

1o hollow rocks

10 shoulder taps

10 scap pull-ups

10 beat swings

10 ring rows

10 wall angels


Kettlebell swings

Kipping pull-ups



30-seconds each of:

shoulder rotations (forward/back)

shoulder opening stretch (arm against the wall)

quad stretch

dragon pose

pigeon pose

hamstring stretch

downward dog