There’s a lot going on at Empower this February including several free events for members and non-members alike!

11am Saturday February 1st: Meal Planning & Prep with Power Up Nutrition

Being prepared is the key to your success!  Annie and Kate will share with us useful tips on how to plan and prepare nutritious meals for you and your family that will support your lifestyle and training goals.  $25 per person

6pm Sunday February 2nd: Mobility with DK
Mobility WODs will combine dynamic and static stretching, trigger point release work, and practice in appropriate muscular alignment. The work you do will complement our high intensity CrossFit workouts and offer an opportunity to improve flexibility, joint mobility and control, core strength, breath/movement coordination, and physical posture and alignment through full ranges of body movement.

Classes will vary in their focus, but in each class you can expect to work on shoulder opening, hip mobility, extremity mobility (building strength and flexibility in ankles and wrists), large muscle flexibility, breath to movement alignment, and core flexibility, strength, and alignment. These classes can be paired with the daily WODs and provide for preparation, recovery, and greater efficacy in performing the CrossFit skills, as well as the functional movement of your daily life.

DK has been practicing yoga for more than 15 years and is trained as an instructor in Vinyasa, Hatha, and Yin yoga styles. She has additional experience with joint mobility and alignment and myofascial release.

First session runs February 2nd to March 31st Tuesdays & Thursdays at 9:15 am and Sundays at 6pm

Prices for Empower Members: $15/class, $160/for two months
Prices for non-Empower Members: $20/class, $220/two months

Contact [email protected] to book your spot

Starting the week of February 3rd: CrossFit Beginners Group Classes
New to CrossFit and looking to get started in a non-threatening, small group environment?  Beginner group classes are included when you register for a 3-month Empower membership ($250/month).

Group 1: 7am Mon/Wed/Fri starting February 3rd
Group 2: 7pm Mon/Wed/Fri starting February 3rd
Group 3: 7am Tues/Thurs & Sun 9am starting February 4th
Group 4: 7pm Tues/Thurs & Sun 6pm starting February 4th
Contact [email protected] to book your spot

February 7-13 CanWest Team Qualifiers
For all Empower members hoping to qualify for the 2020 CanWest Games team division we will have dedicated gym time Saturday Febuary 8th at 11am to get your WODs done.  Free for registered team athletes.

1pm Saturday February 8th: Healing with HeeHee
Everyone welcome!  Free!!!

Improve your overall health, physically and emotionally.  Laugh as you have never laughed before.  Feel rejuvenated and relaxed.  Join HeeHee for giggles, guffaws, and hearty belly laughter.  Release stress, boost immune function, release endorphins, improve circulation, oxygenate your brain, improve cardiovascular health and much more.

Sunghee a.k.a. HeeHee is a certified Laughter Leader since 2008. Laughter has helped
her to open to her inner joy and express herself in a healthy way through laughter.
You will discover that laughter magically connects people from all different cultural
backgrounds, languages, ages and beliefs, uniting people from around the world.

9am Saturday February ?? (Date TBA): HEAL with Paul Tylla
Stand out CanWest Games masters athlete and founder of HEAL meal replacement, Paul Tylla, will come visit to give a free talk and answer questions about how/why he developed HEAL and how he uses it to support health and fuel his athletic performance.  Sunghee and I have been using this product daily since August.  We’ve been impressed enough with the results to invite Paul to talk to members about it.  It’s especially useful for athletes working on macros with or without the Power Up team.  Free for everyone!

Congratulations CanWest Individuals
The 2020 CanWest Individual Qualifiers are now finished.  It was a tough batch of tests and our competitors now need to take some time to rest and recovery.  We’ll let you know how our Empower athletes ranked once scores are finalized.  Right now it looks like we will once again be sending a bunch of Masters athletes to represent Empower at the 2020 CanWest Games!  Great work team:)

Burpees Owing
If you have burpees owing on the board, please remember to come in and get them done today.  Unpaid burpees will double tomorrow morning!