Take Care of yourself


Thank you to Gymkata for telling us about the commercial above and to Fierce for sending it to me. It really puts in perspective why Corey and I do what we do. It is about being able to take on the things that matter most to you outside of the gym. Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in getting the perfect height pull up bar, or the super spiny barbell but training is about more than that. It is really about what it gives and allows you to do in your daily life.

If you are struggling with the new situation and have lost your why for training let us know. We will set up a goal review session and get you back on track and working towards the things that truly matter to you most. Let’s close out 2020 trending upward and hit 2021 with some momentum.

Hero Kerrie

I don’t always read the stories of the person the hero workouts are made for but I read hero Kerries story. If this workout seems very daunting I suggest reading her story below. It is very sad and made it hard to have any complaints about the mask or weight vest I had on. Having her story in the back of my mind made it became about getting the work done and I had a sense of gratitude to be able to be in the cold gym doing something challenging.

Hero Kerrie

Thank you again to Gymkata and Fierce for sharing the commercial above. Look forward to seeing you all on zoom.


QOD: favourite healthy take out option?

Warm up/Tech

10/10 hip swings

5 get ups

5 inch worms plus push up

Then test and set up wod movements



Sit up

Push up


Hero Kerrie

10 rounds

100m run

5 burpees

20 sit ups

15 push ups

100m run

2 minutes rest

Note: have a timer for your rest I will keep time for your total

Cool down

Couch stretch

Shoulder pass throughs