It was a challenging CrossFit WOD today on Dunbar Street.  The sun was shining outside as we struggled inside with bar muscle ups and heavy push jerks.  Quite a few of our athletes were able to manage the push jerk weight.
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (11)CrossFit Empower (4)
It was the bar muscle up that folks struggled with (except The Law, he went through these like butter).  There were various modification options.
CrossFit Empower (5)
For Sandman, Yeti & Super Mario who are all close to the bar muscle up they practiced a band assisted muscle up.
CrossFit Empower (3)CrossFit Empower Vancouver (6)
For others we worked on developing strength in the pull ups and ring dips.  And for those still working on get stronger in those movements we had ring row and push up options.
CrossFit Empower Vancouver (1)CrossFit Empower Dunbar (10)
We always have a way to adapt the WOD to your level!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (5) CrossFit Empower Vancouver (4)