While there are no coached group classes running on Christmas Day or New Years Day at Empower, it is our tradition to open the gym up to our members for a couple hours on both those mornings for a community Open Gym because the holidays are meant to be celebrated with family and our Empower members are our family.

And that is why Empower has been open for business with no days off 365 days per year every year since 2015.  We can’t think of anyone we’d rather spend our holidays with than you!

Though the class cap for Open Gym is 8 people, we will make an exception December 25th and January 1st.  We aren’t able to change the universal Zen Planner class cap settings but will email invites to waitlisted members.  It will mean more sharing of space and equipment but isn’t this a season of sharing?

We look forward to working out with you Christmas morning:)

Monday Morning

Open Gym

Don’t Know What to do?

Here’s a few alternative takes on classic CrossFit benchmark workouts that you may choose from:

1) KB Grace
30 Dbl KB C&J

2) KB Isabel
30 Alt. KB Snatches

3) Dbl KB Isabel
30 Dbl KB Snatches

4) KB Fran
Dbl KB Thrusters
Pull Ups

All 4 WOD options are short and take up minimal gym space and equipment in order to maximize open gym access for all.  If you complete one and feel you did not get enough of a workout, take a 5 minute rest and redo it with heavier kettlebells.