I slept until 6am, woke and got right to work on laptop.

Feel a muscle strain in the back lower right side of my ribcage.  A dull achy feeling consistent with pulled muscle none of the stabbing pain or nerve sensations of a back issue.  Actually a fairly common type of mild strain during my Judo days but very rare for CrossFit.  Didn’t feel like I worked so hard yesterday or performed any unilateral exertions that would strain one side but not the other.  I’m more dumbfounded than concerned.

Kaelin sounding sicker than yesterday, decided to keep him home from school.  Now Sunghee feeling under the weather also:(

A damp Vancouver morning.  Decided to walk up Dunbar for my CrossFit WOD.  Was going to jog but rib not keen on that.

5 Rounds
15 KB Swings @2Pood
15 Deficit Push Ups
400m Run

I considered using a 1 pood kettlebell but the swings didn’t really irritate the rib much.  Used ring push ups because they are a bit higher, harder and require stabilization muscles.  It was a good choice.

Took it easy on the run.  25:27.  A bit on the slow side.  My ribs loosened up a bit in round 4 but by then I was too fatigued to pick up my pace.

Saw The Touch & Makmama on my walk home.

It was a shut-in day but a very productive one as I powered through a lot of business exceeding my day’s to-do list!

By 4pm I felt I deserved the rest of the evening off.  Read to Kaelin then watched an online movie with Sunghee & Kaelin.

By 9pm I was surprisingly tired and slept very quickly.