June 27 2015

5:45am an early start to my Saturday.  Limped up Dunbar to work.  Another hot Vancouver day.

Took Joanne through her grad day testing then coached the group classes.

Got to my CrossFit WOD

4 Rounds
500m Row
15 Push Press @135#

Held a 2 min/500m average through all 4 rounds.  Push press was not too hard but had to compensate a bit for pain in my left foot.  Realized I should have taped it up before the WOD.  Finished at 13:13.

After a shower I taped up my foot.

Did an intro for a family friend of Magnum’s who also knows G-Money (of course).

Sunghee picked me up after the 2pm class and I hurried to get my work done before our family dinner.  Kaelin at cadets all weekend.  Picked up my Mom on the way to Sunghee’s Mom’s place.  We had a nice family dinner.  Then headed home early.  Tired.

Finished up some work then to bed.