Chaos is inevitable.  It is unavoidable.  Life throws curve balls.  We are all navigating the chaos.  Yet some make it look like smooth sailing while others get derailed at every speed bump.  I’m a CrossFit coach so I will speak about training but really we are discussing every aspect of your life.  How do you deal with chaos?

Illnesses happen, kids need chauffeuring, friends need consoling, cars break down, work gets busy, family members die.  In life there is no end to the distractions.  So what do you do?

I often hear: “I plan to get back to training as soon as….” Fill in the blank.

Everyone intends to take care of their health just as soon as the conditions are right.

How well do you think that works?
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Sometimes the conditions are right for a little while.  Life gives you smooth sailing and you get your routine under control.  And guess what happens then?  Uh-oh, speed bump!  Now what?

“I just need to take a break from training until I get my life sorted out.”
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And how is that working out for you?

If you can only stick with your program when the weather is fair you will have a difficult time sustaining fitness.  Yours will be a story of two steps forward, one and a half steps back.  Or sometimes it’s two steps forward, three steps back.

“But dude, death in the family, that’s serious!”

So it is.  And so is your health.  Should be nothing better than death to remind you how important good health is.  Your health doesn’t actually care what dramas are unfolding in your life right now.  Using them as an excuse for poor eating or training habits does not negate the ill effects of poor life choices.
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Last year my Grandmother died.  I was close to her.  I didn’t miss a day of training.  I didn’t miss a day of work.  Because my customers don’t care if my Grandmother died.  They expect our Dunbar location to be open so they can train.  There are other gyms in Vancouver if we do not serve their needs.  A trip to Toronto for a funeral is not a realistic option.

Last month The Touch’s Grandfather passed away.  They were close.  He took a day off for the funeral.  He did not miss any training.  Is this because he doesn’t care?  No.  Caring has nothing to do with it.  He cares about his Grandfather AND he cares about his fitness.

When my Father died I took a week off to observe shiva as per his request.  When the week was over I returned to training.

Life sometimes kicks you in the ass.  By all means deal with it.  And then get back to it.  But be honest with yourself, are you taking time off to deal with it or using life’s drama as an excuse?

I often hear “I have too much on my plate.”
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Landmark leader Larry Pearson once told me: “Most people try to solve this by taking things off their plate.  Another solution is to get a bigger plate.”  It was a mind blowing moment.

“Do you think the President of the United States doesn’t have a lot on his plate?”  Larry asked.

Of course he does.  He has a family, his health, his day-to-day plus running a country.  Of course he has life distractions, upsets, colds and all the daily mess ups that I have.  Only he doesn’t get derailed by the small things because he is dealing with bigger issues.  The small stuff, he just gets it done.
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I realized in that moment that I wanted a bigger plate.  I didn’t want life to be easier, I wanted to be battling bigger problems in order to put the small ones into perspective.  That’s the only thing separating me from someone like Big Boss: the scale of the problems we are engaged in solving!

There are lots of things that can be procrastinated on.  Health is not one of them.  Make training part of your routine.  Don’t let yourself get side tracked.  There is nothing more important than your health.  And don’t tell me family, because if you aren’t healthy who is going to take care of them anyhow?

Are you ready to start dealing with your health?