If you were driving along Dunbar Street on Vancouver’s west side Monday afternoon and happened to glance in CrossFit Empower’s windows you might have seen a figure hunched in the corner looking despairingly between his chapped, bleeding hands and the 12 foot rope.  If it was about 2:30pm he would have been 60 minutes in and just about finishing round 3 of a 5 round WOD that included GHD sit ups, back extensions and legless rope climb.

What do you do when a WOD comes up that is comprised of 3 movements you hate?  What if you are weak at all 3?  And maybe you can’t even do them all RX’d.  What if your weak-assed modification was still weak and slow?  What do you do when you are already 80 minutes in and suffering?

CrossFit is like that sometimes, it kicks you when you are already down.  Reminds me of life.  Times get difficult.  Hardships pile up one atop another.  CrossFit isn’t only about training for fitness, it is also about training for life.  Its about learning to embrace the suck and keep moving forward one determined step at a time.  Even when things get tough.  ESPECIALLY when things get tough!

So how do you get through one of those days when you are just getting beaten down?

One slow rep at a time.

Suck it up today, come back stronger tomorrow.

And so I did.,

You can too.