Mid-January.  Are you feeling strong, slumped, or somewhere in between?  If it is taking you a while to get into the swing of a new year with your health and fitness goals, fear not! Many of us have to fight feelings of emotional depletion and inertia in January.  But, it need not be that way. Take the steps below and before you know it you’ll move from feeling uninspired to energized.

Prepare a veggie bucket to start your week.  Go to the grocery store. Select 5 vegetables, i.e., peppers, carrots, cucumbers, broccoli, and celery.  Bring the veggies home and immediately chop them up.  Place them in a bucket front and center in the fridge.  Periodically pull out for snacks.  Make some hummus to keep by their side.

Minimize decision-making. Come up with two high-protein breakfasts that you can eat on repeat and do so. Rely on these breakfasts.  Avoid having to figure out what you will eat every morning.  Commit to eating a simple breakfast that packs 30-50 grams of protein as your first meal of the day.   A well-fueled start to the day pays huge dividends in terms of mood and energy levels.  Grumpy and tired in the morning?  Change your eating habits and see if your outlook shifts!

Be on the lookout for glimmers in your day. Glimmers are small moments of joy that may occur.  When acknowledged they work to calm our central nervous system.  A glimmer may be a great cup of coffee or tucking into fresh sheets at night. Look for those small moments and appreciate them.  A few glimmers in my day, today, included: sitting, screen-free, eating a solid breakfast of eggs, ham, sweet potato, and Brussel sprouts, having a class participant remark enthusiastically about how glad they were to be back in their routine, bench pressing 70 lbs x 3, and my son taking on the grocery shopping.

Commit to a new challenge. Beat the winter blues and stay motivated to eat well and work out with our 6-week Winter Fit: Nutrition and Fitness Challenge kicking off Saturday, February 3,24.

Do you struggle in winter with:

  • Giving in to cravings for sugary food and drink?
  • Exercising regularly?
  • Low mood?
  • Preparing healthy meals?
  • Winter weight gain?

If so, embrace this challenge and enjoy the change. Our mission for this 6-week challenge is to help you overcome these struggles so that you get through winter light on your feet and with a spring in your step! Stay on the lookout for more challenge details and early bird registration.

Wednesday WOD

Warm up
A.                           B.
8/10 cal               Full body rock
Mountain thrusters
3 point mountain thruster


Medball passes




10 rnds
8/10 cal bike
10 burpees
(Team version)
Cool down