Mufasa may have won the Fall Fitness Challenge draw for the home chef service but Shades’ Fall Fitness Challenge had a lot of winners because most of the participants enjoyed a positive change in body composition over a short 6 week period.  Most, but not all…

HeeHee who spent the final two weeks of the challenge visiting her sister in Spain and I, who spent those same two weeks at home sick in bed, saw our body composition go the opposite way.  The results were disappointing but not entirely surprising given the circumstances.  It was a sharp lesson in how quickly body composition can change for the worse in only a 2 week period of inactivity and highlights the importance of training consistency.  A mere two weeks off can destroy your hard-earned body composition!

In my post-challenge discussion with Shades a new plan was formed and I am enjoying the benefits of my learned lesson.  You can be certain that during our week away in Squamish in the first week of January, HeeHee and I were diligent in maintaining a high activity level AND eating well.  We booked a room with a full kitchen and after our morning workout, swim and breakfast, we walked daily to the grocery store following a protein-first shopping strategy.

With our new plan firmly in place HeeHee and I look forward to challenging ourselves once more by taking on Shades’ Winter Fit Challenge.  This time we are determined to see better results!

Though I am attending a course in Burnaby for the first weekend of the challenge and will miss the first one, I am particularly looking forward to Shades’ Winter Fit Ruck walks, a fun, low intensity, social way to burn fat and build strength and cardio!

How about you?  Do you have body composition goals for 2024? 

If you are ready to get into action, come on and join us for the Winter Fit Challenge!  We look forward to rucking with you:)

Today consider testing out progressive scaling for your pull ups and dumbbell snatches so that you can complete the rounds in a reasonable time but still get to develop your skill and strength.  For example, perhaps do 30 ring rows in round 1, 20 jumping pull ups in round 2 and 10 band-assisted pull ups in the final round.  Or, depending on where you are at with your pull ups, maybe try 30 ring rows, 20 banded pull ups and 10 unassisted pull ups.  You could even try 30 ring rows, 20 pull ups and 10 C2B.  

You may do something similar for the dumbbell snatches, starting light in the first round and getting progressively heavier so that you finish your set of 10 at or near the prescribed weight. 

Warm Up
8 min AMRAP
10 Full Body Rocks
10 Ring Rows
10 DB Pullovers
10 Mountain Climbers
10 Lat Pull Ups
10 DB Overhead Swing

C2B Pull Ups
DB Snatch

C2B Pull Ups
Alt DB Snatch