As I lay there suffering what doctors refer to as a sh!t-ton* of pain, it occurred to me (not for the first time) that competitive athletics can be pretty tough on the body.  In fact, if health be your priority, sports competition ain’t the best road to take unless you like boulder-strewn roads with rim-bending potholes, unmarked dead ends and a littering of landmines.

But even lying there in the grips of agony I knew by experience that my body would mend, the pain would subside, and when it was gone, the desire to test the limits of my body in the crucible of competition would burn as hotly as ever.

Moral #1: Some idiots never learn.

Moral #2: Never confuse competition with fitness.

But for those who share my hunger for competition, we are blessed to have the CanWest Games CrossFit Sanctional event coming to our neighbourhood June 2020.  This week our scaled team competitors will begin their qualifiers in the hopes of representing Empower in June.  All three of our scaled teams from previous years succeeded in qualifying so our hopes are high!

Qualifiers for the individual athletes are now complete and we’re all licking our wounds, grateful to have survived.  Leaderboard rankings have been confirmed and invitations have gone out.  Not everyone has received or accepted their invitations yet but here’s what we know so far:

Athlete Division Rank Invite Accepted
Mr. Fantastic Men 60+ 5th yes  
D’Knee Men 60+ 11th expected  
Mufasa Men 55-59 16th Expected  
Doc Disc Men 50-54 19th expected  
Motor Women 50-54 14th expected  
HeeHee Women 50-54 16th Expected  
Sandman Men 45-49 14th yes  
WOD Father Men 45-49 18th yes yes
Super Mario Men 45-49 23rd yes  
Smash Men 45-49 28th yes yes
Magnum Men 45-49 29th possible  
Hard Rock Women 45-49 7th yes  
Silk Women 45-49 10th yes  
HHH Women 40-44 30th possible  
The Touch Men Open Elite 217th possible  
Shades Women Open Scaled 124th yes  

*”Sh!t-ton”: technical unit used in the medical profession to quantify massive amounts of pain
Usage: “Nurse, prep my tranquilizer darts and my sympathetic voice stat, this patient is in a sh*t-ton of pain!” (Verified by an actual physician)