8 minutes, 8 movements.  You wouldn’t believe you could get a great workout in only 8 minutes but this CrossFit WOD sure did the trick!
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar (2)
It included squats, push ups, box jumps, pull ups, burpees, double unders, wall balls and my favourite of all: the INVERTED BURPEE!
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Kudos to everyone who came out to do this great workout and special recognition to those who managed to RX it: Sandman, Yeti, BFG, Terminator, Still Waters, Smash, Doc Disc, Quicksilver, Hardrock, HeeHee, Super Mario & Magnum.
CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver (2)
Magnum & Sandman broke 200.  Quicksilver & Still Waters scored over 150!
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No one in Vancouver has more experience adapting CrossFit programming for all ability levels.  Want to learn how we can adapt the inverted burpee for you?  Visit us on Dunbar Street:   https://www.empowereverybody.com/get-started/
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