Today is a classic CrossFit benchmark of 30 snatches for time called Isabel, which involves light to moderate barbell cycling. This is a workout that we want to move fast and get the reps done as quickly as possible. The goal is to complete this workout in <10:00. As always, technique comes first and then we add the speed. Most of us will be putting the bar down between 5-10 times in this workout. But these breaks are quick (<:30 seconds each) and we should get right back to the bar. If you have completed this workout previously, look at your load and time. This way, you have something to shoot for and a guide as you warm up.

Dynamic warm-up:

3 sets (click the movement to see a demo video)

:20 seconds toe touch + jump

  • rest :10 seconds

:20 seconds mountain climbers

  • rest :10 seconds

Specific warm-up:

2 rounds: (first round using a PVC, second round using an empty barbell)

5 Snatch deadlift

5 Snatch deadlift + shrug

5 Muscle snatch

5 Partial overhead squat

5 Hang power snatch

5 Power snatch



3-position Snatch

  1. Snatch from high hang (hips)
  2. Snatch from mid-thigh
  3. Snatch from below-knee (off the floor)


Build up to a heavy 3-position snatch. This means the heaviest weight you can perform 1 rep at each position without putting the bar down. You should be able to use your workout weight for this complex.

Demo videos:

Snatch Cycling Tips


Hang Power Snatch


The Power Snatch



For time:

30 snatches (95/135#)


3 sets: (click the movement to see a demo video)

:30 seconds Reach Roll and Lift

:30 seconds Seated Torso Twist per side

:30 seconds Frog Stretch