It took over an hour to reorganize the gym on Friday but it was a most happy hour.  Afterwards I stood and gazed upon it and knew it was good.  It felt like liberation.  The equipment was organized, the stations abandoned.  Only in that moment, feeling the sudden lightness of being, did I realize how penned in they had made me feel.  A prisoner gagged by a mask and locked into an isolating cubicle of space.

That is not CrossFit.  A CrossFit gym is a space meant to be traversed freely.  A playground in which to connect with others in movement, in action, in play.  Free play.  Unbounded.  For 15 months I’d suffered from homesickness but now I felt my soul lifted as I looked out at the great open expanse and felt its welcoming call.

This is my home.  This is our community’s home.  The space in which we liberate people from their perceptions of limitations.  We overcome physical limitations, mental limitations and spiritual limitations.  We coach liberation.  Empowerment!  But how can we effectively do that bounded by duct tape into isolated pods? 

Surely there will be other challenges.  Other struggles.  But for a moment it felt a shadow had been lifted from off my heart!

Today is a deadlift day and an opportunity to share the lifting platform as in days of old.  We can have pairs sharing barbells with up to a max of 4 lifters at a time on the platform.  That means as many as 8/10 people can share the lifting platform for this workout.  We’ll put the heaviest lifters up there and keep the other 2 lifters (if it is a full class) nearby.  We will be discussing points of performance.  Remember strength days you should be aiming at 70-90% of your 1 rep max.  Too light and you’re not developing your strength.  Too heavy and you’re risking injury.  Share a barbell but do not try to match your partner’s weights!

Warm Up
2 Rounds
1 min Romanian Deadlifts
1 min Bent Over Barbell Rows
1 min Deadlift

Deadlift Sets of 3 with points of performance