Saturdays leading up to the 2016 CrossFit Open we host our team training WOD on Dunbar Street.  While other Vancouver boxes may reserve team training for their elite competitors we prefer to invite all community members to participate.  Young or old, elite or novice, we are all one family and we all inspire and motivate one another regardless of ability.

We are so thankful to be a part of such an inclusive community!
CrossFit Empower Dunbar Vancouver
Last training session we had two 8-minute WODs which no one finished within the time cap.  There were some laments from athletes who did not get to try all of the elements.  In CrossFit be careful what you wish for.  In this weekend’s training session we took the first and shortest of those WODs, turned it upside down and gave it a 12 minute time cap.

40 Bar Over Burpees
20 OHS @80/115#
15 C2B Pull Ups
25 Thrusters @65/95#
45 Calorie Row

Motor dominated our first heat leading Adventure, HeeHee and PomPom throughout and getting 31 calories into the row before the time ran out.
CrossFit Empower (1) CrossFit Empower (2) CrossFit Empower (3) CrossFit Empower (4)
Second heat saw Super Mario make it to the rower ahead of Mr. Fantastic, MK & Brick.
CrossFit Empower Dunbar (1) CrossFit Empower Dunbar (2) CrossFit Empower Dunbar (3) CrossFit Empower Dunbar (4)
Third heat saw The Touch, Aquagirl & I face off again.  I was hoping to finish within the time cap.  I hadn’t been feeling well before the WOD and was weak in the warm up but the team spirit lifted me up and got me feeling good.  My plan was to sprint the first bunch of burpees and get 20 done in the first minute before slowing my pace and recovering my breathing.

The Touch paced me rep for rep and surprised me by slowing down when I did.  Aquagirl was right there with us.

The transition to the OHS went smoothly and I finished in one set slightly ahead of The Touch as I headed to the C2B.  Here The Touch passed me as we went into the thrusters.  This was the toughest station and Aquagirl and I fell behind The Touch who lead the way onto the rowers.  There were less than 4 minutes left as I reached the rower and I knew I would have to pull hard to finish inside the 12 minutes.  I had no other thought than get through the row.  Until I saw The Touch head back into bar over burpees after finishing the row.  “Crazy bastard” was my first thought, my second thought was “I want to get there too”.  And I did.  3 burpees in all before the time ran out.
CrossFit Empower Vancouver (1) CrossFit Empower Vancouver (2) CrossFit Empower Vancouver (3)
Those of us who were not 1st in our heat raced through 10 burpees.  The slowest 3 got 5 more and the slowest of those another 5.

It was a great WOD.  We all pushed each other and everyone keeps looking stronger each weekend.  We are almost ready for the Open!

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