Contagion has not been a welcome word in 2020 but there still remain some kinds of bugs we’re happy to catch like the Personal Best bug that has hit the Empower community in the last week or so.

To be fair, I believe July’s first PB might have been posted by Sandman earlier in the month but at the time it seemed a post-shut down outlier.  It felt to me as though it was Auto’s recent pull up Personal Best that triggered the current avalanche of outstanding performances.

Nonchalant as he was about his remarkable pull up breakthrough, Auto’s PB seemed to spark a response with many members seemingly now intent upon delivering their own breakthrough performances.

As expected, it’s taken some time to recover from the long two months of training from home over Zoom but your hard work in the gym since our reopening at the end of May is now beginning to bear fruit and the breakthroughs are accelerating!

This is one contagion we want to catch and spread throughout our Empower community.  Keep on sharing!

Monday WOD
Kettlebell for warm up
Deadlift implement (heavy)

Warm Up
2 Rounds:
1 min Hanging Knee Raises
1 min KB Swings
1 min Skipping

6 Deadlift @ 40% WOD weight
6 Deadlift @ 60% WOD weight
6 Deadlift @ 80% WOD weight
6 Deadlift @ WOD weight

3 Rounds:
800m Run
21 T2B
12 Deadlifts*

*Scale deadlift weight as needed but perform reps totaling at least 2,220/3,300lbs of total work per round (95lbs x 24 reps = 2280lbs, 155lbs x 22 reps = 3410lbs)

Run: 1000m Row, 2.4K Echo bike, 4 minutes of skipping
T2B: Hanging knee raises or lying hip raises

Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Calf Stretch