Cold and flu season is upon us.  Maybe it’s the chill in the air as we shift from summer to fall.  Perhaps it’s the smoky conditions.  Certainly it has been accelerated by the kids’ return to school.  Amongst my Empower and non-Empower friends there are now several cases of non-COVID illness being reported.   Mostly in families with school-aged children.

All this while the White House, Quebec and Ontario are plunged back into COVID shut-downs.

We at Empower have so far had no reported COVID cases.  We’d like to keep it that way.  And we would like to remain open to serve you.

Here’s how you can help:

1) If you or any household member has any symptoms, please remove yourself from group classes and join us via Zoom instead

2) Get tested for COVID so that if you are positive we can warn other members, particularly those who have been in classes with you over the past 7 days.

3) Please do not return to classes until you have tested negative for COVID and are symptom free

Testing is a small inconvenience but the results come back fairly quickly and it is one small measure you can take to help make our Empower community safer and help make sure we are able to keep the gym open.

There are going to be colds and flus like there always are.  Please don’t panic.  But please be sensible and take all the necessary precautions so that maybe we can avoid another shut down in BC.

Monday WOD
We can take a total of 9 people in the gym for Monday’s workout or one person per lifting station unless there are couples willing to share a station and a barbell.  There will only be pull up bar and box jump access for stations 1-6, attendees 7-9 will have to modify pull up bar and box jump movements as indicated below.  As always, we will offer an outdoor alternative if we have more than 9 attendees to a class.

Equipment: PVC Pipe, Barbell, Box

Warm Up/Tech:
1 min PVC Pipe OHS
1 min Box Step Overs/Bar Jump Overs
1 min PVC Pipe Thrusters
1 min PVC Pipe Power Cleans
1 min Judo Push Up Rock
1 min Table Pose
1 min Hanging Knee Raises/Lying Hip Raises

WOD: 2012 Chipper
10 OHS @60%
10 Box Jump Overs/Bar Jump Overs
10 Thrusters @ 60%
10 Power Cleans @80%
10 T2B/Lying Hip Raises
10 Burpee MU/Burpees
10 T2B/Lying Hip Raises
10 Power Cleans @80%
10 Thrusters @ 60%
10 Box Jump Overs/Bar Jump Overs
10 OHS @60%

Cool Down
Forearm Stretch
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Hip Crossovers
Downward Dog
Child’s Pose