“If it doesn’t challenge you, it won’t change you.” –Fred Devito

Thought of the day

December’s movement of the month was the wall walks. And keeping the tradition of doing what I am worst at, January we are lucky to have overhead squats be the move of the month. It is a really good movement and we are excited to see all the improvements you make over the next month. We will see this movement in finishers, in workouts, or in Fridays case as one of the make up options.

For the first six months of my crossfit Journey I could not overhead squat more than a pvc pipe. I remember at that time attacking this weakness hard. Doing pvc pipe overhead squats to warm up for each training session. Sweating buckets as if the several ounce dowels weighed three hundred pounds. For me the challenge was mobility.  For you it may be something else.

If you tackle this weakness and make little improvements throughout the month you will up your game. Whether it’s for your life inside or outside of the gym the mobility and stability from the overhead squat will translate and help you move better.

Make Up Day

Friday will be a make up day. As always you get the opportunity to work on a skill, challenge a workout you missed or attempt one of the additional options. Additions on the menu for tomorrow are two classic make up day workouts. Number one is the one hundred overhead squats in as few sets as possible. Two will be mob wod number 2. Both are great options if you are looking to improve your mobility and get a little sweat on.

We are excited to see you for another make up day and another workout for 2024.


  1. 8 minute AMRAP

2 reps of each

wall walks

Deadlift 205/315#

  1. Front Rack Reverse lunges


  1. 4x4minute AMRAP


6 Shoulder to over head

9 Bar over burpees

12 Pull ups


2min rest between cycles

  1. 100 OHS AFSAP 65/95#

Every break complete 20 sit ups

  1. Mob wod 2

30 minute AMRAP

10 reps of each:

Plate squat

Lat pull ups

Dbl DB OHs

Shoulder pass throughs


Ring Pull up

  • Leon