Today’s CrossFit WOD was a carry over from Monday’s on that the Jerks were RX’d at Monday’s clean weight which was 50% of the deadlift 1 rep max.  That is a very heavy jerk weight for reps and as such only a few people could RX this WOD including Doc Disc, Bruiser, Magnum & Brick.
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver
Mr. Fantastic topped the CrossFit Empower leaderboard Monday and Magnum killed this WOD with a solid win.  But those two outstanding performances may obscure the fact that the actual best performance across both WODs is claimed by a third athlete. Can you guess who?
CrossFit_Empower_Dunbar CrossFit_Empower_Vancouver
CrossFit isn’t scored by who wins a given event but who has the strongest statistical consistency across events and in the case of these two connected WODs the dominant athlete was Brick who had a close 3rd place finish Monday and a solid 2nd place finish on this WOD putting him squarely on top!  With a CrossFit Total coming I can’t help but feeling that this is his week.
For most people it was wise to complete the WOD at a lighter weight but there were other possible adaptations depending on need.  To spare his wrist, Springs chose a dumbbell jerk.  To protect his back The Law opted for a strict shoulder press.  Both great alternatives!
CrossFit_Empower_Shoulder_Press CrossFit_Empower_Springs_DB_Jerk
There is always a way to modify the CrossFit programming to your needs.  Find out how at CrossFit Empower on Dunbar Street in Vancouver.