Suns out guns out, for all the beach lovers Tuesday’s workout is going to give you the upper body pump you need for any Vancouver beach.  The workout for today will be hero JT. This is a triplet of twenty one, fifteen, and nine handstand push-ups, ring dips, and push-ups. We have many ways to modify this one and make sure you can get a great workout at your fitness level.

One of these three movements looks like it’s the easiest and always gives me the most problem when doing JT. That mystery movement is the push up. Funny enough in a normal workout this number of push ups is nothing but after the first two other movements don’t be surprised if the push up feels different. Prepare yourself for them to feel hard and you will be set up for success and mentally prepared to pivot if you need to.

Zoomers good news you don’t need much equipment, you can use a couch, a chair or a bench to modify handstand push ups and can use the same object for a dip modification if needed. Classes we will be spending time to make sure you have the modifications you need for today’s upper body pump.  Note to those in open gyms and Group classes bring two masks if it is really hot out.

Thought of the day

I have done today’s workout many times and I still find myself falling into the same trap. That trap comes in the way of a basic movement in the push up. Jt comes up infrequently enough that the same mistake gets made every time. The good news is that the memory of past attempts of this workout helps me to quickly make adjustments. Have you ever experienced the same issue: Coming in to something over confident and being humbled because of over confidences?

This may be a lesson for life, preparation, and competence will always take you farther than confidence alone. For today’s workout I want you to think of three plans. Have an a game, b game, and C game.  This will keep you from having to make something up on the fly and will help keep you from falling apart. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes and open gyms.



QOD: Air conditioning or no air conditioning

Warm up

2rnds  (1 minute each)

Inch worm no push up

Bear crawl

Full body rock

Shoulder pass through

Support hold


Wod Movements





Ring Dip


Cool down

Arm circles

Shoulder pass throughs

Downward dog

Child pose (with pvc pipe)

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