Today’s WOD:
10 min AMRAP
10 SDHP @75#
10 Bar-Over Burpees

Another fine Vancouver day, another 10 minute AMRAP.

Here’s a look back at Wednesday’s 10 min AMRAP which had our little box on Dunbar Street really jumping!

You needed a big vertical and a solid Pistol to get this one done.

I wish that every class had a cheering section like the 9:15am class.  Thanks Benevolent & Go, you two really embody the spirit of CrossFit!

Clue & Minion were the only 2 in group classes to get this one done RX’d.  Awesome job ladies!

Magnum has them.  Crusher, Sandman, Super Mario & Mighty Mouse are really close!

Ladies RXing the 33 inch box jump included Aquagirl & Aslaug
Unable to create a 40″ box Sandman, Brick & Fridrik all completed at 42″.  That’s RX+2!
30 inches or 39, everyone did a fantastic job on this WOD!

Performance of the day though must go to a member who absolutely dreads the box jump.

There is no way by looking at this photo that you can understand the courage and determination that went into the making of this leap.

And she didn’t just make it, she owned it!  29 times!

How is that for beating your weaknesses to death?  Way to go PomPom!