Okay benchmark lovers tomorrow you will have the chance to take on Karen. As most of you know Karen is one hundred and fifty wall balls for time. We can modify the weight and movement to accommodate all needs.

If you are in the open gym for most stations you will have a wall ball target but for stations six and seven you can substitute thrusters instead. Zoomers odd object, med ball, dumbbell, barbell or kettlebell thrusters may be the best choice for you to substitute unless you have high enough ceilings and a med ball.  Have a look at your previous times this will help with making a plan for everyone’s favourite benchmark.

Thought of the day

Don’t let the math or the name of the workout intimidate you.  Sometimes we have bitter memories of a workout and even thinking about it can put us in a disempowered mental space. Before you go there ask youself a simple question have you been training consistently? Like the man on fire quote goes “Are you trained or untrained?”  If you are trained rather than spending energy worrying, use that same energy to set yourself up for success.  You can make sure you are prepared with a good warm up, strategy, and get yourself mentally engaged to take on the challenge ahead of you.

We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gyms to takedown Karen.



QOD:  Are you challenged or threatened?

Warm Up (1 min each)

3 rnds

Back lunges

Hollow hold

Pvc thrusters

Shoulder pass throughs

Full body rocks


Med ball cleans

Wall balls



150 wall balls 14/20#

Cool down

Hip swings

Calf raises

Couch stretch

Downward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose

  • Leon