Thursday’s Workout is a nice couplet. You will swing a heavy kettlebell and run increasing distances. We have done this one before. It may be a good idea to double check zen planner for your previous time and come in with your plans. Out of the recent workouts this one may have been my favourite I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

If you are unable to run the coach on duty will make sure you have a good option on the rower, bike or ski erg. If you are in zoom land we will work with you to find a good substitution if needed. Also make sure you have an object to swing and this can be a kettlebell, dumbbell, or back pack. We look forward to seeing you all on zoom, in the group classes, and open gyms.

Thought of the day

Slow and steady wins the race. I was in my first of fifteen workouts to build up my intensity level today. The workout was one hundred meter lunging and three hundred meters fun run with a twenty pound weight vest. Normally on workouts like this I would rush and think I just needed to push harder. But for me slowing down  and focusing on my breathing really allowed me to make the most out of the lunges because rather than gassing out and stopping ,to shake out my legs, I was able to keep moving . I was even able to manage the elusive negative split across all my rounds.

Have you ever been in such a rush to get somewhere that you missed out on little helpful details? Sometimes a small step back and some mindfulness can go a long way.  What will you take sometime to be more mindful about today?


Warm up

2 rnds ( 1 minute each)

Plank ( L,M,R)

Get ups

Good mornings


Dynamic warm up



Run routes


45 KBs 1.5/2pood

400m run

35 KBs

800m run

25 KBS

1200m run

15 KBs

Cool down

Calf drops

Couch stretch

Downward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose

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