On Tuesday you will be in for a couplet of kettlebell swings and sit ups. The ceiling weights are, very familiar to you, at sixteen kilograms for the women and twenty four kilograms for the men. Check in the system for your previous score and make sure to find a weight you are comfortable to keep moving with.  This one is fairly quick.

If you are joining us on zoom and don’t have a kettle bell or abmat how can you make this one work? For the swings you can find a back pack, dumbbell or other object and a towel, sweat shirt, or t shirt to roll up and use as an abmat for your sit ups. In the open gym there will be an abmat at each station and ask the coach on duty and we can bring you the kettlebell you need. You should be able to keep a consistent pace through your descending rounds.

I was able to go unbroken on the kettlebell swings. With this in mind what is the best way for you to break up your sets and what challenge will you set for yourself?

Thought of the day

Coming off of the muscle up and front squat workout I was feeling a little sore before getting into today’s workout. On days like that, when I am feeling super sore and tight, I find a little longer on the warm up and cool down pays off in a big way. A longer pre warm up and cool down is also helpful after a rest day.  If you are struggling or don’t have a pre-warm up routine talk to your coach. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.



QOD: Best part of your long weekend?

Warm up

2 rnds

Os push ups

Good mornings

Full body rock

Shoulder pass throughs

Frog roll



Sit ups



KBS 1/ 1.5 pood

Sit ups

Cool down

Trunk rotations

Down ward dog

Cobra pose

Child pose

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