A make up day Sunday at CrossFit Empower as members flocked to Dunbar Street to work on weaknesses or catch up on a WOD they had previously missed.

The 8am saw Dangers & Motor working on weaknesses while Big Cat, Bruiser and Suave faced the Tabata Squat & Deadlift WOD.  Big Cat & Bruiser RX’d it. Bruiser killed it with 450 reps which is almost 100 reps more than the 2nd best score!

9am Doc Disc used the Open Gym to challenge Mary a 20 minute WOD with 3 of his weaknesses: HSPU, Pistols & Pull Ups.  Great choice!

10am Terminator was on the Tabatas, Shine tackled Hero WOD T.U.P., Super Mario & PomPom tested the handstand walk-lunges while Springs & Road Warrior worked on weaknesses
11am The Barbell Club suffered through a series of 4 complexes.  2 on barbells, one with dumbbells and the fourth with kettlebells.
5am Haiku worked his way through T.U.P. while Blossom rocked the Tabatas.  They finished up with Haiku practicing kip ups and Blossom practicing the snatch.

I am happy to see that the schedule is filling up for the holidays and members who are staying in Vancouver are remaining dedicated to their training.  Why wait until January 1st to start fulfilling your New Year’s resolution?

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