June 13 2015

Finally got a full 8 hour sleep.  It felt so good!  I was still up well before my 6:45am alarm.  Got ready and walked up Dunbar to work enjoying a bright Vancouver morning.  A long day ahead but sleep fortified me.

Today’s CrossFit group classes worked on the split jerk and some good lifts were made.  I did an intro for one of the owners of Fly Over Canada.  Brawn got us tickets to that for Christmas and it was amazing!

My WOD was all about engine.

2000m Row
50 Wall Balls @20#
1000m Row
35 Wall Balls @20#
500m Row
20 Wall Balls @20#

Not my forte but a great opportunity to practice rowing pace and wall ball pacing.  Certainly can’t beat Dangers, The Touch or Magnum in this one but was happy with my performance all the same.  21:12.  I actually expect BFG will top the leaderboard on this one.

After the 2pm class I had 4 hours to get work done.  There is a lot to do.  With Sunghee working most of the week I was not able to work on the many projects I am juggling so today I was able to get back at it.  With much accomplished I even squeezed in a brief version of my missed Friday afternoon work on strengths training.  My body still tired so I just dabbled a bit.

Then it was time to set up for K-Pop’s Korean Movie (and Food) Night.  What a great turn out!  What great food!

Thanks K-Pop for the great idea.  Thanks everyone for coming out!

All those carbs I missed all week – I made up for them tonight.  The Touch’s projector worked great on the WOD board.  A fun experience!  Thanks to everyone who provided food and company:)

A great way to finish off a very long, tiring week.

Bulgogi, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes
Breakfast #2
As above minus prunes

Bulgogi & veggies with sweet potato, berries & coconut milk

Lunch #2
Salmon & veggies, berries & coconut milk
Korean Dinner Party
a whole lot of everything:)
Berries & coconut milk