What a fantastic Labour Day turn out!

We were expecting to split attendees into 2 teams but we had enough to warrant 3 teams:)

Our Labour Day Team WOD consisted of:

In any order, whole team working at once:
250 burpees
500 cal row (only 1 rowing machine per team)
1000 lbs of wall balls
2000 lbs carried 400 m (around the block)

We estimated it would take teams 50-60 minutes to complete this work load.

Teams came up with creative carries as they donned weight vests, loaded barbells and even piggy backed children!

Lots of team work and coordination and communication was required to avoid unnecessarily duplicating work.

Burpees and wall balls were quickly completed leaving teams to split their energy between rowing and carrying.

Auto’s team including Peril, Mufasa, Method Man, Waterboy, Crusher, G-Money, Shades and War Machine finished well under our estimate at 46:00 leaving lots of time for food.

Team Dauntless which included Quicksilver, Mom, Doc Disc, Fury, Dangers, Hawkeye, Kat and The Heat edged out Team Auto with a finish time of 41:45.

Riot’s team was handicapped with only 8 members (BFG, Motor, The Nuke, Dr. T, Radar, Tamahock & Fierce) versus the other teams’ 9 but overcame their disadvantage by working harder and smarter finishing far ahead at only 30:35 earning the grand prize of bragging rights AND first dibs at the potluck table!

Teams finished quickly enough that there was lots of time to hang out and stuff our faces as the kids took over the gym floor and adults chatted.

Thank you for everyone who came out to make this such a fun event.

Thanks for all the great food, nobody left hungry.

Thanks to HeeHee for running the BBQ.

Thanks to Shades and The Touch for coming early to help set up.

Thanks to Fierce for staying late to help clean up.

Thank you summer for a great summer, now let’s make autumn just as great!