Wednesday we polled group classes on how many languages you are fluent in or at least fluent enough to hold a conversation.  The early classes were, like me, limited to one and later classes averaged two with a few people claiming three but 9:15am ruled the roost with three languages as the average.  Forgive me if I get my facts mixed up a bit, I did not write all this down but as I recall Hawkeye and Jay-G topped the language leaderboard with 4 languages each.

Hawkeye: English, French, Punjabi, Hindi
Jay-G: English, French, Croatian, Italian

Impressive!  Of course some members tried to pad their language resume with languages they knew simple greetings in and Livewire tried to claim he spoke both English and Scottish but I think he’s lying about the English because I haven’t understood a word he said since he arrived.

As we roll into October and sick season I wanted to put out a COVID protocol reminder.  A bunch of my CrossFit and non-CrossFit friends are reporting illnesses this week.  This is most likely just the seasonal colds that come with the changing of the weather and the return of kids to school but to do our part in slowing the COVID spread, we request members who have symptoms or live with people suffering symptoms, attend via Zoom WODs only until they test negative for COVID or are 14 days symptom free.

It’s a bit inconvenient but an ounce of prevention….

We thank you for doing your part to keep the Empower community COVID-free so that we can keep our doors open and continue training!

For this WOD we will be able to accommodate 6 athletes on pull up bars plus 3 athletes on the lifting platform for a total of 9 people per class.  Couples may share pull up bars and lifting stations or even tag team the WOD to create more space for other members.  We can improvise an outdoor version for members waitlisted for classes with more than 9 attendees.

Equipment: Barbell, PVC pipe

Warm Up
1 min Belly Breathing
1 min Head Nods/Rotations
1 min Dead Bugs
1 min Bird Dogs
1 min Full Body Rock
1 min Air Squats
1 min Shoulder Pass Thoughs
1 min Strict T2B/Knee Raises/Hip Raises
1 min Overhead Squats

T2B/Hip Raises


Cool Down
Lat Stretch
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Judo Push Up Rock
Scap Rotations/Retractions