June 3 2015

“May you live in interesting times.” – ancient Chinese curse

Interesting indeed.  And hectic.  Sunghee had an early call to set so we all had to be up early.  Yesterday we were informed that Kaelin needed to be dropped off early and picked up late for his horseback riding field trip in Aldergrove.  Not convenient.  Also all our meat & fish orders coming in today.  As a result, I needed to keep the car.

After breakfast drove Sunghee to a car2go and she took it as far as she could before discovering she could not leave it at the Burnaby movie studios.  Hers was adventure #1 as she had to ditch the car in Vancouver and scramble for transit to get her to set on time.

Kaelin & I drove to work and I missed my usual morning walk up Dunbar.  Coached the group classes through a make up day.

Then I locked G-Money in while she took a shower and rushed Kaelin to school for 7:45am.  Hurried back to release G-Money & coach Big Boss.

Squeezed in a quick meal before 9:15am class.

Then my CrossFit WOD

10 min AMRAP
10 Burpees
20 Wall Balls @20#

Gross.  Not a fun 10 minutes.  2nd round I was feeling a painful strain in my left calf and had to stop to massage it out a bit then slow down considerably for round #3.  By the end of third round the muscle felt better, warm and relaxed and I could sprint round #4 just finishing before the timer ran out.  No post WOD pain in the calf so I suspect that it wasn’t warm enough.  Bet if I’d walked to work it would have been OK.

Fish order arrived.  After the noon class I rushed the fish home to the freezer dropping Fast Trak home along the way.

Hurried back to work.  Trying to get my work done hurriedly when meat order arrived.  A big one.  Loaded it into car, dropped a case at Big Boss’ house then hauled my order up and dumped it into freezers.  Hurried back to work again.

Feeling tightly wound so I did my fun WOD.  Skipping, box jump overs, dive rolls, bar overs, inverted burpees, HSPU, pistols, handstand walks, etc.  A fun playtime.  Still on the white band but my pistols are getting stronger.  6 in a row instead of Monday’s 3 in a row!

Then the evening class & the 6pm Open Gym.  Kaelin called me on his way back from field trip.  I had to hurry out after Open Gym to pick him up from his school.  And this is what I found:

While riding the horses got startled and panicked, his galloped straight into the forest crashing through low hanging branches most of which broke on Kaelin’s face.  His teacher said he was a real trooper about it.  No doubt it is nasty but the damage is mostly superficial and though his eye is swollen nearly closed he is more scraped than bruised.

No one was registered for the 8pm class so I took Kaelin home and cooked food for us.  Sunghee returned via transit from her adventure in time to eat & watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine with us.  We headed to bed each of us exhausted from our very busy days.

Beef & sweet potato curry, berries & coconut milk, cranberry juice

Breakfast #2
As above minus juice
As above plus banana
Lunch #2
As above minus banana
Salmon, chicken burger & kimchee, berries & coconut milk