On Wednesday you will get a chance to take on the first of the last chance qualifiers. Tomorrow’s workout will consist of calories rowing and alternating hang snatches with a dumbbell. It is not a bad little couplet and for the competitors they had a fifteen minute time cap in which to complete it.

If you are on zoom and don’t have a rowing machine you can do three sumo deadlift high pulls for every calorie and use a dumbbell, kettlebell, or loaded back pack for your hang snatches. If you are in the open gym or group class the on duty coach will space out the rowing machines, ski erg and bikes so everyone can play. Your workout will be fast and furious come in prepared.

Thought of the day

Many of the right things for us to do are simple but you cannot mistake simple for being easy.  You know not to have that extra bottle (case) of beer while on vacation but sometimes these things happen. Next time you are in a situation like this, rather than feeling guilty or blaming this choice on other things simply take responsibility, recommit to the process and move forward. With all the guilt, suffering and wrong making out of the way you will be able to continue on the path of making positive changes.

Never let perfection stand in the way of you and making a better  choice. It may not look perfect but committing to the process of self improvement, doing the work, and reflecting on how far you have come will get you to your goals faster than highlighting only your set backs. We look forward to seeing you on zoom, in the group classes, and in the open gyms.



QOD: Favourite thing to do on vacation?

Warm UP

3 rnds 1 minute each

Plank ( L,M,R)

Leapard crawl

Hollow hold/ rock/ hold




Alternating DB Hang snatch



Cal Row

Alt DB Hang Snatch 35/50#

Cool down

Shoulder circles

Trunk rotations

Dragon/pigeon pose

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