June 7 2015

Actually, I wanted to sneak in a WOD today as tomorrow’s work schedule is too full for my WOD but after yesterday’s feasting my back is a little inflamed and CrossFit Hero WOD Hall awaits with heavy cleans that could spell injury if I don’t let the inflammation subside first.

Woke 6am.  Threw in laundry.  Did my blog post, etc.  Then we had a quiet lazy morning.  Sunghee went to CrossFit.  Around noon we drove up Dunbar to Lord Byng for Kaelin’s swimming lessons.  Sunghee & I walked outside in the hot Vancouver sunshine while we waited.

From there we drove to Main Street where we met Sunghee’s family at East is East for her sister’s birthday lunch.  Ate a lot.  Then we returned home.

The heat had me beat.  Sunghee worked in the kitchen preparing several days worth of food but I could not move.  Just lay there mustering my strength for tomorrow’s long, hectic day.

Went to bed early and read.  Slept fast despite heat.

Salmon, kimchee-mung bean pancake, berries & coconut milk, 2 prunes

East is East
Bhoulani, Dahl, Rice, Salad, Chicken Masala, Beef Kebab

Kangaroo, berries & coconut milk