Saturday at 8am I demonstrated a simple Original Strength reset.  I started by testing my baseline, trying to touch my toes and ending up about 12 inches shy of the mark.  Tight hamstrings, right?  Then we did the reset together: 1 minute of belly breathing, 1 minute head nods and 1 minute head rotations.  After which, I could touch my toes.  Without warming up or stretching my hamstrings.

At 10am we tested it again.  This time the class tried too and about 1/3 of participants saw an improvement in mobility.  How is this possible?

Sometimes our movement restrictions are not physiological but neurological.  That’s why Z-Health and Original Strength are so focused on restoring optimum neurological and vestibular function.  My coach uses eye exercises to help people who cannot squat instantly improve their squatting mechanics.

This is not new, it has long been used with the lowest functioning 1% of the population and the highest functioning 1% by very elite, specialized trainers but most of us have not had access to the technology.  That is shifting.

Imagine I’m neurologically blocked from optimal movement when I enter competition.  If a 3 minute reset allows me to access better movement, I’ll be in a better position to perform.  Recently I’ve been using these resets between lifts during workouts and have been happy with the results.

Is it all in your head?  Funny you should ask.  Original Strength has many different resets.  Some worked for me, some did nothing, others made my movement worse.  The one I shared on Saturday is the one that got me the best result.  Different resets work differently on different people.

Fierce asked how long the effects last.  I’m really not certain.  The results of my 3 minute reset at 8am did not last until 10am.  I couldn’t touch my toes 2 hours later but I was still closer (8″) than at 8am despite sitting for 45 minutes before class.  Maybe a longer reset would have longer lasting effects.  Maybe practicing them daily would produce more prolonged benefit or at least result in less time required to see a result.

It’s all fairly new to me and very exciting because months of hamstring stretches and work with mobility experts got me nowhere near to touching my toes.  Imagine if we can unlock your performance potential with a few quick and easy head nods and some breath work?  That’s the power of Original Strength!

And speaking of exciting:  Row & Floor Press on Sunday.  Any workout where I get to sit down and lie down the entire time is alright by me!

As you come in to the gym grab a pvc pipe
Floor press will be sub for bench
Sub for row can be bike, run or SDHP
Bike 1000, 2000, 4000m
Run equal to row
SDHP 50, 100, 200

Warm up
3 rnds
1 min inch worm with push up
1 min pvc (broom stick) SDHP

Floor press
Build weight/ set up station

500m row
30 body weight bench press
1000m row
20 bench press
2000m row
10 bench press

Cool down
Shoulder pass throughs
Grip stretch
PVC flag pull
Child pose
(all with pvc)