Thanks to everyone who came out to our Townhall Saturday, as always you came up with better suggestions and solutions than I could have!

Next Saturday November 28th at 3pm we are going to host via Zoom our Lending Library Lotto Party!

Get dressed up, bring a plate of nachos, a bowl of popcorn and a beverage of choice and join us for the excitement as we discover who gets which equipment in the event of another shut down.

Here is how you enter your name for the Lotto:

Email [email protected] with subject heading Lotto entry
The body of the email must include:
1. Your CrossFit name
2. The contact number you would like us to share with other Empower members
3. In order of preference your top 3 item choices

To participate your lotto entry must be submitted to me before 7am Thursday November 26th.

How it will work:

1. Saturday we will draw names from a hat, when your name is drawn we will assign you your top choice equipment if it is still available, if not we will assign your second or third pick.

2. We will create a spreadsheet with a list of who has which equipment and the contact details for each lotto participant.

3. In the event of a shut down, you will be invited to come pick up your designated equipment and the contact list will be distributed to all participating members.

4. Every 2 weeks there will be a mandatory exchange so if someone from the list contacts you requesting your equipment you must exchange with them.  If no one requests it you may keep your equipment.  This exchange must be filed with your coach so that the spreadsheet can be updated and redistributed.  Please send an email to core[email protected] with the subject line: Equipment Exchange

Equipment Lending Particulars
You will only get 1 piece of equipment.
It will be assumed dumbbells are lent in pairs.
Barbells will come with collars and a selection of plates.
If you have several family members at Empower, each member should be entered in the draw separately but must request different pieces of equipment.  For example, your family will not receive 2 rowers.

Equipment Care
You are responsible for the equipment in your care.  We ask that you return it in good repair.  Please do not use any equipment on bare concrete.  Please use mats to protect the equipment.  Pleased store equipment in a dry, sheltered area protected from the elements

We will require the return of all equipment when the gym is allowed to reopen.

The lottery is only open to Empower group class members. Only members participating in the lottery will be permitted to borrow equipment.

And thank you Empower community for making fun where there was none!

Monday Make Up Day Options

Back Squat

4 Rounds
20 Power snatch
50 DU

10 min AMRAP
20 Dips
15 GHD Sit Ups
15 GHD Sit Ups

Empower Reset #20
1 min Knees to belly breathing
30/30 sec Knees to belly head nods/rotations

3 mins
10 heads-up cross touch dead bugs
10 head pressed down windshield wipers

3 mins seated Roll to Commando Crawl

3 mins
10 cross touch plank bird dogs
10 judo push up rocks

5 mins
Max Handstand Hold
Max Leopard Crawl

Max Hanging Hold
10 medball get ups
Max Table Pose
10 medball get ups
Max Squat Hold
20 Cross Crawls