Wasn’t that a party?
Thanks to everyone who turned out last Saturday afternoon for our Lending Library Lotto Party!  Spirits were high and so were the stakes as participants vied for 7 rowers and 11 barbell sets.

Such tension, such anticipation!  The good news, 33 of 48 participants got their first choice.  7 people got their 2nd choice.  And 5 poor souls got their 3rd choice.  Poor The Truth who went all-in on a barbell was the only participant to find himself empty-handed.  Rest assured he will get his pick from whatever equipment remains.

If you didn’t get your first pick, the good news is that every 2 weeks there will be a mandatory equipment swap.  All participants will receive the full list including who has what and how to reach them.  At the 2 week mark you can call up the person on the list with the rower and swap them for whatever equipment you currently have. 

So here are the results for those of you who missed the lotto party event:

Name Equipment
Menace Kettle bell YELLOW
Rocket Yellow kettle bell
Sprite weight vest
DK Foam Box
Live wire rower
HHH & Smash Barbell with plates 35#
Molly Gunn Barbell and plates 25#
Big Cat 50lb DBs
Thorn 20 Lb DBs
Venom 35#db
Dauntless Yellow parallel bars
Boomer Skipping rope light blue
Master Dray Barbell #45
Riot 25 pound dumbbells
Auto Rower
Kay 35 lb kettle bell
MOM  Ab mat
Doc Disc pair of 25# dumbbells
Shine 12 kg kettle bell
Dr. T Small plates:15 lbs, 10 lbs, 5 lbs
KMT Wall ball 10#
GMoney bar bell (25 or 35 ideal) with some plates (10s, 5s 2.5s preferred)
Yeti 45 # Barbell with plates
Fierce Barbell & plates45#
Electric 25 lb plates/clips
Hawkeye  Rower
Crusher dumbbells (around 35#)
Spice 35# barbell and 10 lb plates (which I have already)
RADAR Dumb bells, 2x 35
Joy  Barbell (preferably 25lb barbell) with 2 15lb and 2 10lb plates.
Ironman  2 45lb plates and 2 15lb plates
FeProf  rowing machine
Dangers 50lb dumb bells
Road Warrior 45 lb dumbbells
Quicksilver Bar – 35 lb, 15s and 25s
Mufasa  Yellow kettlebell
Peril  1. 20lb dumb bells
Lightning bar bell 45#
Icy 35lb barbell & plates
Loki Pink kettle bell
The Colonel a rower
Jet  One purple kettle bell.
Hard Rock Rower / Ski Erg
Pepper Rower
The Truth

How it will work:
When/if the closures are announced, you will return all equipment you currently have to the gym for sorting on the date specified (TBA).  We will then schedule times for you to come pick up your designated items.  When the time comes, we will let you know.

Saturday Make Up Day

1. 10 Rounds:
30 sec unbroken L-Sits
10 Box Jumps @30/36″

2. 5 Rounds
100ft Handstand Walk
30 Alt. Pistols

3. Run for 35 minutes
Every 5 minutes complete 15 burpees

4. Empower Reset #14
1 min Belly Breathing Face-Down
30/30 sec Head Nods/Rotations

3 mins
20 Cross-Touch Bird Dog
10 Elevated Rocks

3 mins
10 Egg Rolls
20 Cross Touch Dead Bugs

4 Rounds
Hands & Knees Box Crawl
Leopard Box Crawl

3 mins
10 Alt Sit Throughs
10 Full Body Rocks

1 min Ring Plank Hold
400m Overhead Plate Carry @15/25#