It was a logistic headache but after thinking about it all day Tuesday (yes, it takes me that long to come up with ideas, obviously I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer) I was pleased to arrive at a strategy for handling overflow in Wednesday’s classes.  We would be able to take all registered participants plus 3 wait listed members.  I felt very proud of myself until I went to post the WOD Tuesday night and discovered that the 5am had 6 people on the wait list!

What to do?  Stick with plan A or come up with a way to get 12 members through the WOD while maintaining social distancing?  So I made a last minuet switch to back up plan B and retired for the night only to wake at 4am Wednesday morning to discover half the 5am wait listers had cancelled overnight.  So, after all that headache, we were back to plan A.

We used boxes for inverted rows and box dips or to practice the muscle up transition thereby allowing wait listed participants to get the full benefits of the WOD.  For the most part I was pleased with how it went.

Kudos to Smokey, The Truth and D’Knee, all of whom RX’d this difficult WOD with ring muscle ups and the heavy 2 Pood kettlebell, and all completing at least one round!

Of course we didn’t cancel the 1 mile dumbbell carry meant to entertain while we split classes of 12 into two heats.  Instead we just used it as a finisher for classes to do together.  And most members did.  Most of you used the RX’d dumbbells and most of you completed the full mile without putting the dumbbell down.  Great work!  Today we learned Sisu.  The Finnish stoic spirit of embracing hardship and suffering (especially Master Dray who completed the whole weighted mile barefoot!)

We also learned why members workout.  Most said for mental health and stress relief.  A few honest members admitted it was for cookies and ice cream.  But probably my favourite was HHH who works out in order to show her boys that women are strong.  I think this is an important lesson for all children to learn.  For too long our culture has perpetuated a myth of the “weaker sex” but looking around me that is not at all what I see.  Man or woman, everyone is born to be strong and Empowered!

Thursday Make Up Day

800m run
21 T2B
12 Deadlift 275/185
10 min Amrap
5 strict HSPU
10 Medball cleans 20/14
15 min Amrap
12 MU
36 KBS 2/1.5 pood
1 mile DB carry 50/35
10 rnds
30 sec burpee
30 sec rest
30 sec DB thrusters 45/30
30 sec rest
40 mins SLIPS