CrossFit Empower will be hosting the 2020 CrossFit Open every Saturday for 5 weeks starting Saturday October 12th.  Heats will typically run 8-11am unless otherwise noted and will include our BBQ/potluck.  Come one, come all, it is fun for members at every experience level!

And if you want to have even more fun, get on one of our 3 Intramural teams!

Yesterday Sprite helped me draw the names for the 2020 Empower Open Intramural teams:

Team 1 Team 2 Team 3
Crusher Electric Motor
PomPom DT Jedi
Super Mario Fierce G-Money
Shine Smash Magnum
Doc Disc HHH Sandman
Backdraft Mufasa Terry
Sprite Pepper Big Cat
The Truth Hard Rock Silk
Whisper HeeHee The Heat
Boomer Dauntless The Nuke
Quicksilver Riot Peril
BFG   Dangers

The teams are now allowed to recruit until they reach a maximum of 20 members.  Because participation points will account for most of the scoring, a bigger team roster is better.  You must track members down yourself, coaches will not help you with contact info, you’ve got to work for this!

Amidst the excitement of team creation we also laid out the scoring rules.  Points are participation based and have nothing to do with your Open performance.  You can earn points for your team in the following ways:

Weekly Team Points
1. Show up on the Saturday to cheer your team on (+1 point)
2. Show up on the Saturday and do the WOD (+2 points if you are not registered to compete in the Open)
3. Register to compete in the Open and Show up on Saturday and do the WOD (+3 points – you must have 1 year or more CrossFit experience and be injury free!)
4.  Show up on Saturday and serve as a judge (+3 points but you must have completed the 2019 online judges course, if you did this for our most recent Open, it is still valid).
5. Issue or accept a personal challenge (+5 points if you win, +5 points if you lose and perform the agreed upon penalty).  These challenges are optional, you do not have to accept a challenge.  You may only challenge one person per week and you may not challenge the same person a second time.  It is up to you to agree to handicaps and penalties (though you know Mufasa always loves playing the role of arbitrator).
6. Out of town submission: If you are out of town on the Saturday you may make a short video submission or submit 3+ photos along with a written blurb.  Your submission must include an image of you, and image of where you did the WOD and an image of who you did it with (+2 points if you’re not registered, +3 points if you are registered).

It will be the responsibility of your team’s designated Communications Officer to record these points and submit them weekly.

Week One Team Challenge
In weeks one and five there will be an additional team challenge providing your team the opportunity to get a points lead at the start or close the gap at the end.

Challenge number one is worth +20 points and is all or nothing.  To earn 20 points you must complete all of the following:
1. Designate a team name
2. Designate a communications officer
3. Create a team list that includes member contact info, decade, time zone, open registration status and judge status.
4. Create and display a team style.  When your team arrives Saturday it must be obvious that you belong to the same team.  Wear the same colour, the same hairdo, matching headbands or identical Mike Tyson face tattoos, it doesn’t matter what you choose so long as it is visually obvious that you belong.  There is no qualitative judgement, you don’t need to have the best look as long as it is distinct.
(It may be worthwhile to coordinate with other teams to make certain you each have a distinct look)

Bonus Points
Challenge number one offers the opportunity to earn bonus points for your team.  The following are not mandatory but could help your team out:

1. Earn +5 points for every decade represented on your team.

0-9 10-19 20-29 30-39 40-49 50-59 60-69 70+

2. Earn +5 points for every time zone represented on your team

5am 6am 9:15am 12pm 5pm 6pm 8pm

If you attend various time zones, choose the one you most identify with.  Each member can only represent one time zone.

3. Earn +5 points for every “Why I do the Open/Intramural” video submission.  10 seconds only.  Max 1 video per team member.  If you have multiple members in one video, you will get +5 points for every member who shares their “why” in the video (you may use 10 seconds per person in this case).

That’s everything you need to know about the Intramural competition.  If you’re an experienced CrossFitter, are injury free and want to register for the Open, you can do it here.  If you have not already done the 2019 Online Judging course, you can do it here.

Let’s make 2020 the most fun year yet.  Let the games begin!