Sir Thomas Overbury may have claimed that beauty is only skin deep but I think he was talking about looks.  Real beauty is something that glows from within.  The lovely spirit radiating from within can render an otherwise plain-looking person breathtakingly beautiful.

The fitness industry, fashion industry, cosmetic industry have long preyed upon people’s insecurities trying to sell superficial qualities as beauty resulting in a culture that worships vapid, narcissistic, selfish individuals whose apparent attractiveness, when exposed to human interaction, washes away like mascara in the rain.

In CrossFit we expose athletes to to the hardships of athletic training and watch their spirits revealed.  It is a beautiful thing.  As a coach it is hard not to fall in love with every athlete I train because once you’ve glimpsed intimately the soul of another you recognize the inner beauty that others may have over looked.

And as you train and your body is forged by the challenges we subject it to day-by-day, that inner beauty gradually reveals itself on the surface.  Your body changes and your spirit strengthens until what was once hidden, now shines confidently through.  And I want to shout “I saw it first!  I knew you were a beauty before anyone else ever suspected.”

Beauty isn’t something that you find on the surface, it’s a treasure most people bury deep within.  But it will come out.  When beautiful people are put through the crucible of CrossFit, a veil is lifted and their beauty radiates into the world for everyone to see.

The beauty is already inside you, my job is to help you bring it to the surface so everyone can recognize the master piece that is you.  It’s the best job in the world!