We have a few new CrossFit L.1 coaches at Empower learning the coaching craft and occasionally members like to test them.  The other day for example, Livewire challenged Motor to tell him what he was doing wrong in the workout.  “If WOD Father was here what would he say?” Livewire asked.

Running through the Points of Performance in her head, Motor was stumped.  The next day she told me about the encounter and I helped demonstrate to her that there is more than a fancy certificate separating a CrossFit L.1 coach from an L.3 by correctly identifying Livewire’s several performance faults even though he was not present at the time and I had not attended the class in question.  So, in answer to the question, here are the performance faults:

1.  Not wearing pants.  I admire your tight-wearing confidence in the junk department but – No Rep!

2.  I can’t understand a word you’re saying!  We speak English (and occasionally French) here.  No Rep!

3.  Is that a can of soda in your hand?  In the gym during a WOD?  No Rep!

4.  What, no beer?  Though this is not technically a gym fault, it does seem out of character and fails to live up to my expectations of you – No Rep!

Of course, coaching also requires heaps of positive feedback so it is also important to acknowledge things that Livewire was doing very well:

1. Good job on that football (aka soccer) jersey!  Good Rep.

And there you go, expert coaching sight unseen.   There are levels to this game Motor.  Keep studying grasshopper.

This WOD is a big one and it is unlikely you finish inside the class time.  I recommend tag teaming the WOD in hopes of getting through it.  Pick weights that make sense for you given the volume. 

Equipment: Barbell or alternative, KB or alternative

Warm Up
5 min AMRAP
10 Dead Bugs
10 Bird Dogs
5 C&J
5 Thrusters

Back Ext/Curl Up

Monday WOD
7 Rounds
15 GHD Sit Ups
15 Back Extensions
10 Thrusters
10 C&J