When in the ring referees warn the boxers to protect themselves at all times.  In combat sports anything can happen at any time.  Just because the round is over and you think you’re safe, does not mean that your opponent heard the bell too.

That’s the world we’re living in today.  We’ve been going round-to-round with COVID and so far the people of Vancouver are looking like champs.  But the fight is far from over, there are many rounds left in this battle and the bell has not yet rung to signal the end of the round.  No need to panic, keep calm, we’re up on the score cards but don’t get cocky, don’t drop your guard, don’t leave your chin out or you might get caught and COVID packs some serious, fight-ending, knock out power!

News is a North Shore CrossFit has closed temporarily after one of their members tested positive.  No word yet on where the member was infected or whether other gym members were exposed.  This is not the first gym incidence.  Several weeks ago a member of an East Side Vancouver CrossFit gym tested positive.  It was traced back to her work, no one at her gym became ill.

We’ve been open since late May and so far our Empower members have stayed healthy.  There have been a few scares.  Some members have had to get tested but all came back negative.  But this is not so much a matter of if as when.  COVID rates are still low in BC but like the flu, COVID isn’t going away anytime soon and if you’re out in the world living your life, sooner or later you will likely be exposed.  Next week, next month or next year.  This is no short amateur bout, we’re going into championship rounds with this pandemic.

It’s up to you to keep your guard up:

1) Fortify your immune system.  This is your best defense.  Eat well, sleep well, develop healthy stress management practices!
2) If you are feeling ill or have been around someone who is ill please stay home!
3) WASH YOUR HANDS.  Wash them when you enter the gym.  And when you exit the gym.  And wash them again when you get home.
4) Spray down your equipment and stations before and after use
5) Keep your distance (6 feet apart) from other Empower members.  Even your friends.  Even if you’re chatting.  Even outside the gym.  Please stay in your designated station!
6) Wait outside the gym until the class before you has departed.
7) Face away from other gym members when exercising.

I realize some of you have never been in a fight before but stay calm.  Don’t let fear of your opponent overwhelm you.  We can lick this.  You just need to stay mindful and practice the above 7 steps diligently until they become instinctive reflexes providing an impregnable virus-proof defense.  On the upside, employing these strategies may also help you finally beat that seasonal flu you succumb to every year!

Wednesday WOD
Warm Up
1 min scap rock
1 min Samson lunges
1 min OS push up
1 min reverse Samson lunges
1 min Judo push ups
1 min Samson Lunges
1 min Handstand Hold
1 min reverse Samson lunges

HSPU, box version, pike version, seated DB press
Pistols, box version, rolling version, hook version, reverse lunge
Push Ups

Tabata HSPU
1 min Rest
Tabata Pistols
1 min Rest
Tabata Push Ups
1 min rest
Tabata Jumping Lunges

Cool Down
Scap Rock
Scap Circles
Scap Retractions
Hamstring Rock
Pigeon Rock