So many fun lifting implements available to play with at the beach.  After the SLIPS I warmed up with a variety of rock throws to warm up my shoulders and hips.  Performed some driftwood Sots press and overhead squats as well as some single arm log presses and twists.  Then I did some log over-the-shoulder cleans.  Though it had been raining when I left home, the sun was now out and Tower beach was the busiest I’ve ever seen it.  I had to search around for a bit to find a log heavy enough for the 5 rep clean & jerk that no one was sitting on.  Along the way I ran into Alison & Davin and their new baby.  All three looking healthy and happy!

The log wasn’t especially heavy but was certainly enough to get my heart rate elevated for reps of five.  A couple young guys passing by saw me lifting and wanted to test the weight.  The log looked slender enough but after deadlifting it 6 inches from the beach, they determined it was heavy enough and went on their way.

Friday WOD
heavy to medium heavy implement to lift

Warm Up: SLIPS
4 mins Stretching
Alternate between:
1 round Yoga Flowh (left & ride side)
5x OS Full Body Rock

4 mins L-Sits
Alternate between:
Max L-Hold seated on ground
10 L-Raises over a target

4 mins Inversions
Alternate between:
Max Handstand Hold
5 attempts at Crow Pose

4 mins Planks
1 min Shoulder Tap planks
1 min Left side plank with oblique twist
1 min Right side plank with oblique twist
1 min Plank Pull throughs

4 mins Scales
2 rounds:
1 min Scales
1 min Scales with eyes closed

Clean & Jerk

Every 3 minutes:
5 C&J @approx 70% 1 rep max

If using lighter weight go for max reps in a minute

Cool Down
Dragon/Pigeon Pose
Hip Cross Overs
Shoulder Pull Overs