Games Day Part #5

Labour Day Long Weekend! Although many of our members are vacating for one last summer hurrah before this seemingly almost never ending summer is finally fast approaching its end in a short number of days. I have for any Empower members or friends and family to join me this Saturday in Jericho East Park for some long weekend fun and games.

Forecast looks clear sunny and beautiful for Saturday’s event. Kids of all ages or “adults” with kindred spirits ready for laughs, quality family time and a whole lot of fitness fun are all welcome to join the festivities at any level at 2pm.

Like always the hour long event includes your fix of a short blood flowing warm up, a speedy CrossFit style WOD; which will include movements such as Burbpees, Lunges, Roll ups, push ups and Running. In a relay race format we will divide our group into two teams. Each child or adult will have their choice to run, cartwheel, handstand walk or bear crawl to the designated marker, where they will perform the specific movement for that round, then run back to the team. One person will go at a time while the rest of your team waits by doing penguin claps, at the end the winner will be the fastest team.

The chosen game for Saturday is KICK BALL, the field will be set in traditional baseball diamond shape, and there will be a pitcher, with one person covering each base. The rules of kickball imply one kicker at a time, each teammate will get a chance to kick the ball then run the bases, after each teammate kicks, the opposing team will have a turn to score points. The object of the game is to cover all bases returning to score a home run. The kicker will be out in three strikes of missing the kick or if the fielders catch or tag the kickers before safe at base.

Looking forward to seeing everyone who will be sticking around during this long weekend, on Saturday afternoon at 2pm in the Jericho East Park by the old willow. You may sign up through Zen Planner or if you have any questions and concerns about bringing additional non-members shoot me a message at [email protected] or via phone 604-880-3634 the cost to participate is $10 dollars for each separate family unit.

See you at the bases!

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