On Tuesday you get a chance to make up a workout you missed or work on some skill practice. That is right its make up day again. Options one and three will take you most of the hour, you will need to get started right away, and the fourth option will be the quickest.  If you select option four you will have a lot of time to warm up and cool down. Come prepared to make the most out of your hour.

Three Mind set challenges

At Empower we talk a lot about mindset, and to us it is the base of the athletic pyramid. If you don’t have a growth mindset it is hard to work through challenges. Do you ever hide behind complaints? Or wait only for the perfect moment? Or do you find yourself always having reasons to not put your best foot forward (I would have but I did not get the bar I wanted)?

I am only asking because, I have seen these three things come up in my mind recently. From I can’t do big Nancy because it’s minus two. Too if only I did not have this mask on I could do better. When these thoughts come up, the only thing that seems to help me get over myself is action. I need to acknowledge the thoughts and do the thing anyway.

Complaining does not warm the bar up but a warm up will. Getting the work done is better than waiting for the perfect moment and never getting started. And protecting your ego with excuses does not help you make adjustments and grow.   For the next week see if any of these three things (complaining, need for perfection, excuses) creep into your thoughts.  What causes these to come up for you? Did I miss any thoughts that are louder and as potentially destructive?

These thoughts do not need to be a bad thing if we are aware of them, able to take action, and not ran by them. We look forward to seeing you on zoom and in the open gym.




  1. 5×5 minute row ( start right away)

5 Minutes of rowing and rest


  1. Big Nancy

3 rnds

800m run

30 OHS


  1. Clean and Jerk



  1. 4 rounds ( 1 minute each)

alternating KB Snatches 1/1.5 pood

sit ups

alternating lunges


  • Leon