When’s the last time you got naked in public?  Does the thought scare you?  Wouldn’t it be nice to have the confidence and comfort to not worry about what others thought about your body?

I didn’t get into CrossFit to sculpt a better-looking body.  From the day I first stepped into the gym 33 years ago, improved athletic performance was always the motivation behind my training.  But form follows function so regardless of whether or not you measure waistlines, biceps, BMI or abs, the fitter you get, the better you look.   And in all my years of training no program has delivered performance or physique results that come close to CrossFit!

For the record I wasn’t always confident about my body.  At age 24 I turned down a $1000 offer to perform as a male stripper at an all-female private function for a friend.  Not on principle mind you, but because I was worried the ladies would demand a refund when it was revealed that I did not have the 6-pack abs to go with my bulging biceps and brawny shoulders.  That always bothered me because however you look, you should feel comfortable and confident in your own skin.  Indeed, many European countries have no hang ups about co-ed saunas and skinny dipping with friends.  And that must feel both liberating and empowering.  How did we north Americans become so neurotic about our bodies?

I’m always after our Empower members to confront and overcome their fears.  And that’s why in 2012 I decided to confront my own by hosting a Naked Fran event on Wreck Beach.  A co-ed team of CrossFitters took the opportunity to overcome their own discomfort and join me (it’s all captured on video out there somewhere on Youtube for those who care to look, I’ll not share it here so as not to distract from the point of this post which is you).   Only one of us had bared it all in public before so this was a real stretch for us.  We were all very self conscious and nervous before the event began but afterwards we felt – well – natural.  Because, so what?  Nobody has a perfect body but we all looked pretty darn good.  And what’s the big deal after all?  A body is a body.  We all have one.  And they’re all beautiful in their own way.  There is no universal ideal of beauty.

A lot of people are anxious about their body, even feeling trapped within it.  CrossFit has helped me shed that anxiety and my self-conscious need for clothes (no, I am not looking for any male-stripping gigs, though as The Touch would say: “A $1000 is a $1000”).  I didn’t make it to Wreck Beach this past summer but most years since our 2012 event I try to make it there at least once to remind myself that yes, I can overcome my fears and inhibitions and that it is okay to live in my own skin, even when I’m not wearing anything to conceal it.

It’s fair to say that at 48 I am far more comfortable and confident in my body than I was at half my age because I do look better naked.  I’ve finally got the abs to go with the rest of the body.  But more importantly: who cares?

So you want to look good naked?  Want to feel comfortable and confident in your birthday suit?  CrossFit will provide the shape and tone.  Of course you will need to work hard and push yourself a bit.  CrossFit is going to lay the foundation and then having and following a proper nutrition plan will allow you to reveal the athletic work of art you’ve been sculpting in the gym.

Abs if you want them.  Or no abs if you don’t.  My goal for you is to be comfortable in your body whatever your shape or size.  Clothing not required.  And CrossFit is the best way I know to get there.  If you’re not there yet, let’s sit down and discuss how to reveal the you that you want to see in the mirror.

Monday Make Up Day
1)  7 min AMRAP
50 DU
10 OHS @95/135#

2) Back Squat

3) 5-4-3-2-1
Rope Climb @15ft
C&J @115/145, 125/165, 135/185, 145/205, 155/225#

4) Griff
2 Rounds
800m Run
400m Backward Run

5) Empower Reset #16
1 min Standing Breathing
30/30 sec Head Nods/rotations

2 mins
20 Cross Touch Dead Bug
10 Windshield Wipers

2 mins
20 Cross touch Bird Dogs
10 Judo Push Up Rocks

2 min Frog Rolls

3 min Plank Hold: Left/Centre/Right

3 mins
Max Handstand Hold
20 Cross Crawls

3 mins
Max Hanging Hold
Max Medball Squat Hold

3 mins Medball Get Ups