Yesterday’s CrossFit WOD was fun because it was one that most people, barring injury, could complete RX’d.

4 rounds of a 400m run and 50 walking lunges.

It was a taxing leg burner.

As an added bonus, the weather cooperated.  Sunshine, no rain.  Lucky us.

Here’s how the scores broke down:

Time Name
Over 30 mins Master Dray
Under 30 mins Dauntless
Under 25 mins Thorn, Claire, FeProf
Under 24 mins Prof. X
Under 22 mins MK
Under 21 mins Sprite, Silk, Wolf
Under 20 mins Pepper, Shine
Under 19 mins Jedi, Anthony, Road Warrior
Under 18 mins Shades, Livewire
Under 17 mins Spice, Fierce, Rowdy, G-Money, Dr. T
Under 16 mins Boomer, Doc Disk, Brick, WOD Father, Hard Rock
Under 15 mins HHH, Smokey, DK, The Heat
Under 14 mins The Flash
Under 13 mins Smash
Under 12 mins Point Break, Yeti, Sandman